"To The Arctic" IMAX NOT to be missed

April 27, 2012

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Last Saturday we were lucky enough to be invited to The Science Museum Of Virginia ,one of our favorite spots to visit , and attend a viewing of the IMAX film To the Arctic. It was spectacular! It was a journey "To The Arctic" with breathtaking scenery , breathtaking views and lessons we all need to hear about our changing environment.

This 45 minute movie narrated by Meryl Streep was many things, but for me mostly a story of a Mother's love for her babies ;In Polar Bear form. I cannot do justice to the emotions felt watching this Momma bear protecting 7 month old cubs. They navigate in search of food  and safety with Momma bear in control at every second. 
The struggles are real, as food is less available , melting is happening too quickly and space becomes less for them to find shelter.

Watching this IMAX film, we felt as though we were in the frigid waters with the Bears and the crews. They captured all feelings imaginable. Music from Paul McCartney was a perfect addition as the songs all portrayed such love and commitment.

We enjoyed this so much, that we plan on going back again!

I have included some thoughts  from my kids as well with some neat facts that will hopefully open your eyes as it did ours.

Marky - Age 9
When asked what  he thought of the movie - " It was GREAT, I want to keep the Polar Bears warm and find them food."

Sophia - Age 11
When I first heard I was going to see the movie "Into The Arctic", I was ecstatic! I have been wanting to see that ever since I saw the first preview. One thing I LOVED about the movie was that they were basically telling the story through the polar bears eyes. You could feel all of the fear that was going through the mother bear's mind. This movie was full of suspense because you never knew what was going to happen next. This movie was excellent. Thank you Ms. Nancy for the tickets!

  • The Arctic Ice Cap is shrinking each summer—and by 2050 or earlier will be reduced to a small fringe on the coast of Canada and Greenland.
  • Only about 20,000 polar bears remain, and their survival is in jeopardy.
  • Polar bears are born blind and toothless in a den built by their mother.
  • Polar Bears  are usually born as twins.
  • A mother polar bear stays with her cubs for about 2.5 years, teaching them how to hunt and survive on the sea ice.
  •  Polar bears are the world’s largest land carnivore—up to 10 feet tall!

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