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Hi From Carissa!

August 10, 2012

On Another Road Trip

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This has been the summer of many short trips for us ! Luckily for me the destination has consistently been the beach! The place I am destined to be!
We are headed to NY to get our oldest daughter. After spending her last summer before college living with her best friends family and working, it is time for her to come home. We will be adding a few days on and when we come back it will be all packing up to prepare for Ashley to go to college.
I think I am ready, I think I will be ok, I think I am trying to convince myself as I write this, but I do think it will be an incredible life experience and I am aware of the memories she will be creating.

I may sound so cliche in this, but for those of you that are still blessed enough to have babies at home, enjoy it and savor the moments, they truly go by fast. I know there are times that things may be trying and I will tell you as they grow it can be challenging in ways that are more exhausting than no sleep, but there is no slowing it down and they grow quickly and then they leave. Ash may choose not to live at home after college and that is too much for me to think about - so I jump to the reality that it is too expensive out in the real world and of course she will come back! :)
Seriously, I think you know what I mean and I am very emotional with the process happening . Life happens -enjoy it and make it special! 

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Wishing you a wonderful week,


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1) jen said:
Have a great trip! Wish you were coming back here! I can't believe the little tomato is going off to college already!!!! We love her and wish her good times (but not TOO good) and good grades xoxo
1 year, 11 months ago

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