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August 17, 2012

With a Special For Mac Kid Reaers

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With the end of summer comes the beginning of the new school year. 
Learning Rx offers great ways to help us all get ready for a strong year and has a special just for being a Mac Kid reader.
Each year parents of struggling learners hope their new teacher will solve all of the problems.  Unfortunately, in most cases teachers cannot resolve the issues.  Over 80% of learning troubles come from weak cognitive skills, the consequences can be significant.  Learning and reading struggles are the breeding ground for poor self-esteem, disruptive or withdrawn behavior, poor selection of friends, chronically low motivation, academic weakness, and limited education advancement.  

Schools and educators focus on a student’s knowledge.  If a student struggles to acquire the knowledge, many often try to re-teach the missing material.  Unfortunately, when cognitive skills are weak, this can become a never ending cycle.  Students often need tutoring year after year when cognitive skills are weak. 

Who needs a faster, Stronger Brain?

*Struggling students

*Successful students who want to rise above the crowd

*Kids and adults with Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, or other learning disabilities

*Career adults seeking self-improvement

*Senior Adults who want to stay mentally sharp

*Stroke or accident victims who want to regain lost brain function

At LearningRx, we start with a test.  We use the Woodcock Johnson III tests of Cognitive Abilities and tests of Achievement.  These tests are the most comprehensive and widely recognized skills, achievement and reading measurement instruments in use today.  These tests will help create a Cognitive Skills Profile™.  The profile will measure the strength or weakness of his or her individual cognitive skills by both age and percentile.

Comment below and receive a Cognitive Skills Assessment for 50% off our usual pricing (Regularly $249).  Similar testing elsewhere can be well over $600.  Call us at 804-612-9959.

For more information visit www.LearningRx.com/Richmond-West

Serious Brain Training for Serious Results.

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