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HI From Carissa~

October 19, 2012

Thank you to those who share here~

By: I LOVE to hear from you
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I wish I appreciated learning when I was in school the way I do now. Although these teachings are much more powerful.

I have so many lessons of life coming my way and I love it. Little moments are  happening every day that help me see this incredible gift called life .

Here are a few of the "teachings" sent my way this week-
Ashley- our oldest , the freshman at college continues to maneuver all of the new challenges of living on her own and so many times I want to jump in and fix, yet I have to stand back and watch. She is doing so well and I am the one struggling not to let go.

Sophia- our soon to be 12 year old, often the silent one  , stands her ground in what she believes and makes so much sense, I look at my husband and realize she is not the little girl we still think she is anymore. Once again, I am having to let go a little bit.

Marky- our Autism Star, joins me in a run at school for fitness, he runs fast, he does not tire, he had a great pace and cheered the others on as HE passed them and me! I look at my husband and ask him if he knew Marky could do this? No- he did not either- why? We never gave him the chance. Lesson learned- we are so quick to make excuses for him and for us , that we need to get out of OUR comfort zone a little. 

One more awesome moment to share- at a party last weekend celebrating a great friends birthday, I met a mom there who is a Mac Kid reader and she asked how my day was going after she had read the opening here last Friday. She made my day, I was so truly honored that not only does the calendar resource help so many, but some actually read and care about what I share! Thank you Sara - I send you a Mac Hug!  

Please plan on joining us at Innsbrook's Pumkin' Palooza next Saturday Oct 27. We have Swag Bags for the first 500 visitors with goodies galore, plus some additional treats from us! It is sure to be a great day.

One  of our first advertisers, going back almost 3 years to when we both started , a local RVA mom who believed in Mac Kid to help launch her brand new business has made some GREAT changes, please check it all out! Shannon is a great lady and has put together a really smart way for our kids to have the toys they want , when they want them without buying them! TOYconomy has launched a new and improved service! Plus, earn TOYbucks and save even more through our new Customer Reward program. Find out more by visiting www.toyconomy.com.

We have some great articles this week, please be sure to take some time to read them and share your thoughts on any and all. We love your feedback and our sponsors do too!

My picture today is Marky supporting Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness. I had my mammogram done this week , be sure to take care of your appointments too. I know I tend to make mine the last!
Wishing you all a wonderful week,

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1) Robin said:
great lessons that we could all learn from!
1 year, 9 months ago

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