About The Publisher: Carissa Garabedian

Hi, I'm Carissa and have been publishing Richmond Macaroni Kid since 2010, when our family relocated here from Long Island, New York. I am a mom, wife, friend and special needs advocate. My children are grown, but my job is far from done. 

I thrive on connections and I love people! My background is in social work and it is a skill set that helps me immensely on this site in being sure to offer our readers all I can in planning your days. 

My youngest has autism and I will always have to do things a little differently with him, but he is the best teacher! I also write about parenting special needs children.  I will share some of this with you on this site.

My girls are making their place in the world and I love watching them soar. 

My husband is my best friend and also serves as my food critic - cooking is my passion and I love his feedback!

Richmond is such a great city and has so much to offer. I will work hard to provide local content, curate intimate resourceful events, and lots of fun giveaways for our RVA  families.

This has been such a continuing journey of fun, learning and adventure! I love being able to learn and share all I can with you all and look forward to another great year together. Meeting local families, and working with our local small business owners is such a gift. 

Our site is the premier resource for family fun in Richmond,  you'll find family-friendly events, articles and guides for kids and families all over RVA. Come on and joins us!