Uncle Milton Toy Review

All Terrain Nature Collector, Earth Tag & Navigation Tool

August 3, 2012


“We are going on an adventure mission.” That is what our son Marky said when he saw the All Terrain Nature Collector, Earth Tag and Navigation Tool by Uncle Milton that we were lucky enough to receive to review.



The All-Terrain Nature Collector was a fun and easy way to collect and observe all of the bugs he could find and then release them without ever having to touch them. The Navigator comes with a compass, signal finder ,whistle & thermometer. Our little guy did not want to come back into the house!  The Earth Tag was also super fun-you aim at your target and launch ! The yard was one bug action packed game. We had so much fun playing outside. 

The packages were all easy to open, required no assembly and my 11 year old was waiting in the wings for our 9 year old to finish his mission.

With these great summer evenings and our walks each night, we have already spent many hours outside searching for caterpillars and worms with the nature collector. The nature collectors “claws” hold whatever you catch in its own little cage allowing whatever it is you are lucky enough to catch to be seen by all and then released.The Earth Tag and Navigator also allow for such independent play!

If you have young explorers, I highly suggest grabbing some Uncle Milton toys for them. These toys allow for such creativity, expression as well as taking them out into the wild and off the electronic devices!

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