Make A Memory Jar For The New Year-

There May be some of 2020 we want to remember :)

December 17, 2020

202 will be remembered by all, including history books too! But, kids may want to hold onto some of the moments they recall too. 

Here is a neat way to start off the year. Even our kids mention how fast time is going by now and this will be a way to all hold onto some memories of the current year. It is sometimes hard to recall the things you do and the moments that matter. Milestones that happen will now be able to be recorded along with the small moments you shared in.

With a memory jar, we can document the “every day” experiences that make our days special. Decorate a jar or vase, keep it in an open space that all have access too. I am keeping ours in the kitchen area. Weekly, drop pieces of paper writing any of the special moments, memories, experiences, laughs, as they happen. On New Year’s Eve or New Years Day, spend some time with your family reading all that is shared inside. When you are done, you can place in a large zip loc bag and label or even place into a photo album for the year.

Some other options suggested for this new tradition were to use a journal and write in it at the family dinner table and to have one book or jar for each child. Either way, it is a fun and simple way to help archive the little things that matter.