Eli’s Village: Comprehensive Special Needs Lifespan Planning

February 5, 2021

Eli’s Village: Comprehensive Special Needs Lifespan Planning

Eli’s Village is a community of exceptional families and expert professionals working together to make the imagined life a reality.  At Eli’s Village we build an individualized and targeted plan for exceptional families, addressing private case management needs, financial planning, and legal services to ensure comprehensive and continuous support.

Our process of lifespan planning is person-centered, focused on the wants and wishes of all members of the exceptional family to develop a comprehensive lifestyle plan, pulling together and coordinating a network of professionals across various fields to meet every need for a secure, intergenerational, lifelong plan.

Eli’s Village is committed to making the life imagined an easier, more achievable reality. Our multi-family office approach to a lifetime of planning allows us to walk alongside families to navigate every resource and obstacle from birth through adulthood and beyond.

We also offer a variety of events in the community, including monthly Zoom calls and webinars featuring various guest speakers, to provide additionally resources, information, and support for exceptional families:

  • Talk of the Village is a monthly webinar hosted by Kristen Carleton and Dr. Kathy Matthews featuring special guests, dedicated to sharing relevant topics for exceptional families and professionals. Some of the items covered on the webinar series include social skills, the holidays, COVID and the current landscape of a virtual learning environment.
  • Moms on a Mission (zoom) is a supportive networking event for passionate and professional moms sharing in the common experience of helping exceptional individuals and families live the life imagined. Mentorship opportunities for new families or professionals looking to grow/expand on their passion is also available.

Our upcoming event is a Moms on a Mission zoom call on February 25th. Sign up at the link below and stay tuned for more details!