Full service, female owned travel agency based in Richmond, VA serving all of the United States.  Specializing in destination weddings, all inclusive vacations, cruises, luxury train experiences and incentive trips. 

How many times have you thought “I’d love to take a vacation but don’t know where to go”? I can help with that!! Being a Nurse Practitioner for over 10 years has taught me not to waste one minute waiting for the right time to travel. If you have the desire to see the world, I am here to make that happen.

Having personally been traveling all over the world for almost 40 years for both business and leisure. I am keenly aware of champagne taste on a beer budget travels and travels with endless budget. I love the exploration of a multi-city trip just as easily as I can enjoy the luxury of unpacking once on a cruise. If you want spice, let’s talk Morocco. But if oceans are your thing, let’s plan for the Caribbean or Tel Aviv.

Whether it’s personal or business, destination wedding or getaway, group or individual, budget or luxury, just a few days or just a few months travel, look no further for your travel advisor. Let’s start today making your travel dreams come true.

With gratitude to you, my travel lovers,

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