Kristen's Reviews

August 17, 2012

One Busy Weekend!

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Kristen attended CYT Richmond’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this past week. Here is her review.

The talent at CYT’s Master Camp production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat simply blew us all away!  These young adults (14 and older) attended a two week camp where the conclusion was this performance of an energetic and vibrant musical.  They had the audience wowed with the lead’s melodic voice (...and he’s only 15), colorful costumes/set, and well choreographed dances (and there were A LOT of steps to remember)!  
This modern version of the biblical story of Joseph from the Old Testament was very lively and fun!  My children particularly enjoyed the number where Elvis sang and the girls swooned ~ as well as the reggae number.  Our whole family agrees that we don’t want to miss a single CYT production!  

Kristen also attended the performance last week of Cirque de Soleil- Dralion at Richmond Coliseum and here is what she had to say :
Beautiful costumes, enthralling music and lots of  laughter thrown in too!
My three kids and I were in awe of the feats these people  performed.  They have amazing strength,  flexibility, and grace with their movements. The juggler & trampoliners, the talented jump ropers,  the "lions" walking on the balls, and the acrobats jumping through the multiple hoops, it was  all amazing! The clowns kept up entertained in between acts.  I found that all four of us actually laughed out loud a lot!  
I would recommend this show to everyone and would go again in a heartbeat!