Two-Piece Summer

Burn Boot Camp

By Brett Timpano March 3, 2017

Summer bodies are made in Winter, and with Spring quickly approaching, it’s time to think big for the Summer months ahead. How do you want to look and feel? If you have dreams of a two piece Summer, check some of these little tidbits before you get to Memorial Day. With a little discipline and focus, hard work can help you look your best in 2017!

Things To Do!
1.Get outside!
Your body needs the Vitamin D for energy, and your bones need it for the assist to calcium! With the Sun being at its highest seasonable peak, get outside and enjoy the weather! Take bodyweight exercises outside or go for a run!

2.Set goals!
If you really want to succeed, make a goal, and a plan to get there. Put a date on it. People work best with deadlines, and if you set a date for something – set a deadline to hold yourself accountable.

3.Eat leafy greens!
Organic greens, vegetables, and fruit all help to give the body the nutrients it needs to flourish, while detoxifying and helping to decrease bloat! Expand your palate and try some new things to discover additional benefits! At a lower nutritional cost, greens and veggies will always help you fill up your plate at less of a risk.

4.Drink lots of water – 100 oz or more a day!
Water helps to cleanse and detoxify the body! Drink lots of water to help your skin, hair, and muscles all perform at peak levels!

5.Eat more protein and less carbs and fat.
Train for muscle! Your body will optimally look its best when muscle has the ability to grow. Be sure to get over 100 grams a day spread out over 5 chances to eat!

Things Not To Do!

1.Get rid of processed foods!
1.Follow the 80-20 rule! Make about 80% of your food, and dine out another 20%. You are what you eat – so make what you eat the best choices available!

2. Drink sodas or carbonated beverages.
Aside from the chemicals being put in these drinks that – long term - are linking us to some bad things, these calories will only serve to literally blow you up. Sugar and carbonation have a bad habit of leading to stomach bloat.

3.Don’t forget exercise!
The federal recommendation for physical activity is 2 hours and 30 minutes – or about five weekly camps at Burn Boot Camp for 45 minutes. Exercise is proven to have strong health benefits.

4.Don’t get discouraged!
Goals can go up and down based on situational weeks and a temporary lack of focus. Be honest yourself on the goals you want to achieve and the steps you want to do. There is no shame in failure, but no glory either. Be the author of your own weight loss story.

 Don’t forget the sunscreen!
Take care of your skin this Summer and forever by slapping on sunscreen when you can. The Sun can do some pretty amazing things for our skin, and some pretty harmful. Make sure you take care of your skin when you’re outside the most this season.

With these tips, and a little hard work at Burn Boot Camp, you can feel your best and get back into that two piece this Summer season. If you want to be held accountable for seeing results and feeling great, check out our website .Come see  us and try a FREE 14 Day Test Drive and let us help you initiate some change for the better.

Burn Boot Camp is located at 3091 Lauderdale Drive, Henrico. As a member, you will receive FREE childcare, unlimited classes, nutritional guidance, personal training and an amazing community of supportive women. 

Brett has been in the fitness industry for about 10 years as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and group fitness manager at one of the largest gyms on the east coast. He comes from a multi-sports background and grew up playing soccer, swimming, and running track.  He is passionate about inspiring people to change their lives, and helping give them the guidance to make it happen. He look's forward to meeting and working with everyone at Burn Boot Camp Short Pump to help change our community into a healthy, happy, society of strong-willed people!