18 Items To Pack For A Safe Summer

By HCA June 29, 2018
Summer Safety: 18 Items to Pack

Summertime is filled with fun activities. . . and possibly sunburn, sea lice, bug bites, and bruised knees. Wherever you’re taking the family, it’s a good idea to carry first aid supplies. You don’t need an official first aid kit, just a water-resistant satchel or zip-top bag filled with some necessities. Here’s what to put inside it:

Summer First Aid Kit
  1. Sunscreen
  2. Hand sanitizer 
  3. Pack of baby wipes 
  4. Instant ice pack 
  5. Adhesive bandages
Summer Sunscreen Safety
  1. Gauze pads & paper tape
  2. First aid creams
  3. Cotton balls or pads
  4. Scissors, tweezers,  and nail clippers
  5. Pain medicine
  6. Cortisone lotion, for bug bites or rashes
Summer Bug Safety
  1. Insect repellant 
  2. Motion sickness medicine
  3. Anti-diarrhea and  antacid medicine
  4. Ear drops, for swimmer’s ear
  5. Saline eye rinse 
  6. Extra plastic bags
  7. A bottle of clean water

If your summer mishap is a bit more serious, our nurses are available to answer your questions or click the link below to view ER Wait Times. If it’s a life- or limb-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.