What's The Dirtiest Part Of Your Bed? And Some More Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

By Maid Brigade April 12, 2019

**Heads up! Your pillow is the dirtiest thing on your bed. That’s right! Not your sheets, your comforter or blanket, not even your family pet! Researchers have found that the average pillow can contain up to 16 different species of fungal spores which can cause a multitude of respiratory issues. Gross, right? So, the first step is to wash the pillow. You can also buy a pillow protector for in between washes. And lastly, the National Sleep Foundation recommends that you swap your pillow out every 2 years. We hope we didn’t give you nightmares!

**Many of us think that our washing machines are self- cleaning. Unfortunately, that’s not true. In fact, many washers contain harmful bacteria like E.Coli. Fortunately, you can easily ditch the bacteria in your washer by running it with a combination of hot water and a quart of bleach and opting for the sanitize setting. So long, funky-smelling clothes!

**Research published in Scientific Reports suggests that our coffee makers are filled with bacterial activity and we might be drinking that in every morning along with our caffeinated deliciousness. The solution? Once a month fill your coffee maker’s water reservoir with a few tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with water. Run it through and then run it through again with just water to remove any lingering vinegar smell.

**Keeping your blender clean can be a dangerous activity. You’re basically sticking your hand into a bowl of knives and hoping for the best every time you need to remove the leftovers from your kale smoothie. But, there’s good news! Pour in some warm water, a little baking soda, and some dish soap and pulse for a few seconds then pop it into your dishwasher. Your blender should be squeaky clean!

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