Tips From Maid Brigade

June 14, 2019
Spring cleaning is in full bloom

No matter how often you clean throughout the year, spring is a wonderful time to give some TLC to those overlooked areas.

Here are some of our favorite cleaning hacks so you can tackle your spring cleaning to-do list quickly, easily and safely.

Or call Maid Brigade and we'll do the dirty work.

  • Organization >> We suggest the Marie Kondo Method to find the joy in your home. Get started here.
  • Odors >> Place a small container of baking soda in the area to absorb and eliminate odors.
  • Pet hair >> Use a shower squeegee to gently scrape pet hair out of carpets and fabrics for easy cleanup.
  • Dust >> We love microfiber cloths, but if you don't own one, you can use dryer sheets to collect dust and leave behind a dust-repelling residue.
  • Plastic Shower Curtains >> Pop these in the washing machine with a few towels to keep from tangling and you'll have a fresh, slime-free shower curtain! 
  • Garbage disposal >> Use lemons, salt and ice to clean, disinfect and freshen the aroma.
  • Washing machine >> Use vinegar and baking soda on a "large" wash cycle (do not include any laundry) to clean and disinfect your washing machine.

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