11 Simple "Boredom Busters" For Summer

July 12, 2019

Here are some super simple ideas for the days that your kids are close to saying, or already saying, "I'm Bored". Keep this handy and let your kids choose the one that makes them smile! Have another idea? Send it over, we'd love to add to ours. 

1. Make Play-Doh or Slime.  Both are super fun to make, play with and not hard! Here are some recipes

2. Face time a family member or friend who doesn't live locally. Your kids will love to see a familiar face and share some of the things they are doing this Summer. 

3. Write a postcard to a family member or friend, It is a great opportunity to use writing skills and teach how to address a card. In your note, ask the person receiving it, to send one back!  Getting mail is FUN! 

4. Rainy Day or not- build a fort! Use all the pillows and blankets you can and do not worry about the mess. Get in the fort with your kids and I guarantee a smile!  

5. Have a dance party! Everyone chooses their favorite song and dance! Dance like no one is watching and get ready to laugh while burning calories! 

6. Go for a walk. Along the way, listen for birds, look for treasures. Treasures can be feathers, coins, and rocks. Grab a few of these rocks and see number 7. 

7. Paint. Sit outside and paint the rocks you found or just paint on paper and crate. Use your fingers if you want to add some sensory fun. 

8. Evening fun, on a nice night, grab a blanket and look at the stars. Tell stories and enjoy the warmth of these Summer nights 

9. Have errands to run? Bring the kids and give them a list to help. While you are out, do a random act of kindness and let your kids see how fun it is to be kind and pay it forward. Some simple ideas- pay for a drink for the person behind you at lunch. Have a note on you, pre-made, saying smile and have a great day and allow your child to hand it to someone or have the treat to hand to the cashier at the store you are at! 

10. Plan a visit to your local library and grab a book. If it is close enough, walk there. 

11. Grab the hose or sprinkler, put on your bathing suits and run in the sprinklers! I still tell my kids about this memory when I was a child AND, yes, I still do this with my grown kids and husband! See proof below :)