10 Reasons to Choose British Swim School Richmond For Swim Lessons

July 19, 2019

10 Reasons to Choose British Swim School Richmond For Your Swim Lessons

It’s summer time, and the families of Richmond are taking every opportunity they can to cool off in the water. Playing in the James River, a backyard pool, or the waterpark can be tons of fun - unless someone in your family doesn’t know how to swim or be safe in the water.

If you are in need of water survival or learn-to-swim lessons, you’re in luck! British Swim School Richmond has officially opened our Glen Allen and Ashland locations just in time for the summer.

What Makes British Swim School Richmond Different?

1. Safety is Our First Priority

Our water survival and learn-to-swim programs’ main goal is to make our students safer. We aim to prevent drowning in our community. We teach water survival first, which will make our students safer around water and more able to save themselves if they were to fall in.

2. We Teach All Ages

In pursuit of our goal of preventing drowning deaths in our community, we offer lessons to students as young as 3 months old, all the way up to adults. 

3. Small Class Sizes

Our child lessons are taught with 4 students maximum. This is in order to ensure that we are giving each student individualized attention that is key to their success and development. We also have options for private or semi-private classes!

4. Fun Learning Environment

We incorporate songs & games into all of our lessons in order to promote a fun learning environment. Children learn and retain knowledge best when they are having fun, so you can expect to see lots of laughter and smiles throughout the class!

5. Almost 40 Years in the Business

British Swim School’s founder, Rita Goldberg, began the school in 1981 in Great Britain. That is when she developed one of the first systems for teaching babies and young children how to float on their back in order to save themselves if they ever fell in the water accidentally. Since then, the company has expanded to teach water survival to adults as well, and has incorporated stroke development classes into its program. 

6. Highly-Trained Instructors

Our instructors go through rigorous training with testing and certification requirements. Our techniques have been proven to be highly effective, and students and parents will be able to feel the difference between us and other swim schools.

7. Multiple Convenient Locations

By partnering with hotels and fitness centers to hold our lessons, we are able to provide our students with the convenience of being close to them. Instead of requiring all of our students to travel to one central location, we have multiple locations across Richmond. Currently we are located inside the Country Inn & Suites in Ashland/Hanover, and in the SpringHill Suites in Glen Allen/Short Pump. We have plans to expand across Richmond in the near future. You can always call us for the most up-to-date location information. 

8. Year-Round Classes

All lessons are held in warm, indoor pools. This allows our lessons to occur all year long. There is no need to wait for summer to begin swimming lessons, or discontinue lessons when the summer is over. You never know when you or your child may need to know how to swim!

9. Exceptional Customer Service

We are proud to offer a premier swim program that is coupled with excellent customer service. We continually strive to deliver a fun and hospitable experience at every interaction with our customers and students, whether that be over the phone, on the pool deck, in the water, or online.

10. Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We are confident in the quality of our swim program, and for that reason offer all students a money-back guarantee. If you take 2 full classes with British Swim School Richmond and are unsatisfied with your experience, we will reimburse you the full cost of your lessons. 

We are currently enrolling students for our swim lessons. Space is limited, so give us a call today! 

Not quite ready to dive in? Please give us a call at (804) 441-8551 or visit us at our website to learn more about our programs. You can also visit us on Facebook at