Macaroni Kid Celebrates 12 Years of Connecting Parents to Community

MacKid started with one site, and now has more than 550 across the United States, Canada

By Kara Murphy, publisher of Macaroni Kid Erie, Pa. November 1, 2019

Families have turned to Macaroni Kid more than 500 million times over the past 12 years to help them connect with their communities.

That's why our 500-plus publishers are here after all: To help you find your family fun.

"I came up with the idea of Macaroni Kid because it wrapped up all the things I believed in: The importance of community and family, the power of play, and the deep well of underutilized mom talent," said Chief Macaroni Mom Joyce Shulman, who was a commercial litigator before starting Macaroni Kid. "We're extremely proud of how our publishers -- all entrepreneurs in their own right -- have enriched the communities where they live, work, and play by supporting local families, businesses, and organizations."

Joyce hit send on her first newsletter in her town on a November morning 12 years ago.

Now Macaroni Kid has grown to include hundreds of local sites, with publishers in 42 states. We're international too, with publishers in four Canadian provinces. Each publisher maintains her own website and event calendar, and sends out an e-newsletter once a week. Together, Macaroni Kid publishers have more than 2.5 million subscribers who use their local sites to find their family fun more than 4 million times a month.

Beyond how Macaroni Kid publishers are enriching their communities, Joyce is also proud of the community Macaroni Kid publishers have created for themselves. Publishers chat daily on Facebook, meet several times a year to learn and play, and have even attended each other's weddings. 

"I've been a publisher for Macaroni Kid for over 10 years now," said Kayt Myers, who publishes Macaroni Kid Androscoggin, Maine. "I had no idea how my life would change when I made the decision to become a publisher. Not only have I had great joy in becoming more interwoven into my own community, but I have made life-long friends. Four of my Macaroni Kid sisters came to my wedding in July -- each traveling from a different state to spend that special day with me. That is sisterhood."

Sarah Gagnon Photography

Macaroni Kid publisher Kayt Myers and her Macaroni Kid "sisters" at her wedding this summer.

Stories like Kayt's mean the world to Joyce.

"When I had the idea for Macaroni Kid, one of my visions, one of my dreams, was to create a community where women freely and generously shared their wisdom," Joyce said. "Over the years I've seen so much of this play out in the MK family. And, perhaps, of everything we've accomplished with Macaroni Kid, this is what I am most proud of."

Happy 12 year Mac-iversary, Macaroni Kid!

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