Virginia Rep's, 13, The Musical . A Review ( Hurry and See This!)

November 8, 2019

WOW! I went to see 13, The Musical, with my oldest daughter, produced by The Cadence Theatre Company at the Virginia Repertory Theatre. The spectacular stage visual was just the beginning! 

We knew walking in that it was about a 13-year-old who moved from NYC to Indiana, after his parent's divorce and we knew that it would touch on adolescence and the struggles typical teens can experience in trying to fit in. We did not expect to be WOWED, to learn a few lessons, laugh out loud numerous times and to walk away realizing the message is to ALL of us, not just the teens. 

13, The Musical, is comprised of an entire cast of young adults. The story is about Evan who is trying to fit in after his move. He is planning his Bar Mitzvah and he struggles to make choices that end up hurting the 2 friends that really cared about him, BUT maybe they were not “cool” enough.  The entire cast was incredibly talented. Some jokes were really edgy and very funny, all while singing songs so catchy with lyrics that make you laugh, smile and think. 

The storyline is a simple one, but the message stays and it is one that all ages relate to. Vulnerability, fitting in and finding our place in life. The cast does an incredible job of having us feel the awkwardness, and cruelty that can be adolescence. The performance of 13 was a reminder that certain things in life will always be there. The desire to find where you fit, figuring out who are, friendships, first loves, betrayals, failures, and accomplishments. 

Most of all, 13 teaches about friendships, priorities, social interactions and social connections. The music was fantastic, but my favorite was ‘A Little More Homework’ - a little less pressure, a little more time and a little more homework to do.. for all of us!

There isn’t much time left, but I say hurry and grab some tickets to experience this hidden treasure. 13 is a must-see for adults and adolescents 12 and older. 

Ticket info can be found here , it is playing through November 17, 2019 

13 is an original musical with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown and book by Dan Elish and Robert Horn.