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November 6, 2020

Fleming Therapy Services, Inc. provides Pediatric Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy through-out Northern and Central Virginia with offices in Alexandria, Chantilly, Fredericksburg, Lorton, Stafford, Glen Allen and Woodbridge. We pride ourselves on the progress we make, the success we achieve and the long list of families we help.

Determining when there is a problem with a child’s speech development can be tough. Our speech therapists assess speech development and provide a collaborative plan to help children advance their communication skills.

We address psychological, social, and environmental factors to help children with various levels of needs to improve their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills and strengthen their self-esteem.

Appropriate therapy promotes children’s independence, increases their participation, facilitates motor development and function, improves strength and endurance, and enhances learning opportunities.

Call today for a free in-office consultation! Following your consultation, a verification of your benefits will be conducted, and our billing associates will contact you within 10 days and provide you with a breakdown of your plan and policy. If your insurance does not cover services other payment options will be explained. Discounts are available for cash service. Fleming Therapy Services provides a complete in house collaborative approach to support our families in Pediatric Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and service by organizing, training and employing the most skilled and experienced team you will find. We are a family owned business and we guarantee our service by putting our name on it.

Call today for a free in-office consultation! (804) 406-4322

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