Welcome Seasonal Roots!

Your online farmers market that delivers the freshest produce and artisan goods.

July 9, 2021

Seasonal Roots is an online farmer's market that delivers dirt to doorstep.® Our service allows you to get access to fresh produce within days of picking. Plus, it includes many other essentials and exciting extras created by local artisans.While there are many benefits, a few that top the list are:

  • Healthy fresh & local food that's better for you and tastes better, too.
  • Time saving by shopping weekends at your online farmers market, with a predictable delivery day.
  • Convenient home or office delivery by one of our Market Managers.
  • Delivery by our local team is included in the membership.
  • Review your default produce basket. Love it? Do nothing.
  • Fancy a change? Swap in faves or customize from scratch.
  • If you need to skip a week, you can easily do so.
  • We help members live healthier lives by making it easier to eat a variety of healthy delicious foods.
  • We connect with communities, families, friends, and neighbors; we enjoy sharing ideas, news, tips, etc. with members and vice versa.
  • Unlike a national corporation, our team is made up of individuals just like you! We live in the community we serve and stand with our farmers and artisans to deliver better food options that support the community and the environment.

Learn more here and check your address to see if Seasonal Roots will deliver to you.