SWIM RVA For Your Swimming Needs

August 27, 2021

SwimRVA is the non-profit community hub for aquatics in the Richmond region.

SwimRVA began as the Greater Richmond Aquatics Partnership (GRAP), a collaboration of five educational and youth sport leaders who shared the goal of providing a world-class aquatics facility in Chesterfield. Today – thanks to ever-developing and evolving partnerships with civic leaders, schools, community groups, and amazing organizations like the YMCA, the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs, and VCU – we’re building social bridges through aquatics that cross physical, racial, and economic barriers. Much more than just a pool, we serve as a catalyst for water safety, health and fitness, sports tourism, competitive aquatics, and possibility, for all Richmonders.

Making aquatics accessible is central to why we’re here

Our Drownproof Richmond initiative, in particular, has always been at the heart of our nonprofit mission to bring aquatic access and education to everyone in the region. Visit our Drownproof Richmond page to learn more about why it is critically important for SwimRVA to continue to provide free, top-quality learn-to-swim lessons to our community’s underserved youth.

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