Chasing George Washington: A White House Adventure

Virginia Rep’s Family Show Starts Friday

February 7, 2024

Field trips are fun, especially when your destination is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! In this charming and exciting musical, Dee, José and Annie accidentally knock George Washington out of his portrait and into real life—turning their White House tour into an unexpected adventure. As they try to get the nation's first president back into his painting, the threesome encounters Jacqueline Kennedy; Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd; Dolley Madison; and other famous White House residents. Together, they learn that the White House isn't just a historic building—it's also a home. 

The Jessie Bogese Theatre is located in the Bellevue area, in the former Scottish Rite Temple which Virginia Rep bought in the fall of 2022. 

Ticket Information

Box Office: 804-282-2620 or

Full Price Tickets: $21, Discounted Group Rates and Rush tickets available.

Run Time: 60 minutes